Torrente 4

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A new, lethal crisis faces Torrente.

With the title Lethal Crisis, here is the fourth part of the epic comedy saga of Torrente, in which once more he is played by the Spanish actor Santiago Segura, with 22 kilos more weight, in a very delicate situation.

And it seems that the world of corruption won't leave him in peace, and after various attempts to live a dignified life, Torrente accepts a dangerous mission from an old acquaintance. But it seems that to Torrente everything is more complex than it seems, and he has to confront the most dangerous moments of his life.

To find out what happens in Torrente 4 you have to do and watch the movie. But for now you can decorate your PC with this desktop wallpaper in which you can see Santiago Segura, as Torrente, on the Gran Vía in Madrid.


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